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Chinatsu-minami-8 by jojohyde

Oh my, I must thank my new colleague Sammie. She's very good for a mature student.....She's only recent enrolled though, I wonder where she came from?

289CF9D300000578-3079609-Vixen Sunrise s Samantha  by jojohyde

I've felt so wonderful since I combined by science project on genetics with the batch of coke she gave me. It's improved my senses and I now feel soo confident -l like I could solve anything.

Hopefully I'll be able to stop supplementing my income with all that cosplay work. The freak Alan is always perving on me. I'll no longer need the money - and the confidence boost it gives me.

I'll tell you what tho - these heightened senses have made me soooo hungry. Think I'll get changed into something more casual and go for a bite to eat.

Chinatsu-minami-2 by jojohyde

“Slurp, Slobber”

Oh my....I'm so hungry....need food. This isn't like me, I'm normally so careful with my food. *Faarrrrrt* Oh dear god that’s so embarrassing, I'm...disgusting.....I better get out of here before someone smells that...

Chinatsu-minami-7 by jojohyde

*Burrppp* Oh my I've got so much gas......but I'm still so hungry. Hungry....for...Wait oh my my hair shrinking....what's happening to my breasts?

*Farrrt* Oh....I would never normally get off to watching porn.....but I feel so confident---I don’t care what anyone thinks of me.........feels so good.....I'm greedy for more......

Chinatsu-minami-9 by jojohyde

*Burrrpp*...Oh my clit..It’s so''s growing!!!

Lingerie-for-men-2 by jojohyde

My's swirling....Am I becoming....*BELCH*

(In a deep voice)

A man?
Hydeface1 by jojohyde

Hellloooo ladies.....Professor your service!

Eva can't stop it.......(preview)
Just a little preview for a new character in my Bootylicious universe.....

Alan had been and his cosplay girl crush Eva on Instagram and had followed her to his local Comic-Com.

During his stalk he tracked her down to an elevator – which much to Eva’s horror became stuck – they were trapped!

Alan is enjoying perving on Eva when suddenly - his booty buzz goes off and he's horrified by what that means.

Alan puts up a commendable fight to not change in front of her, but once started nothing can stop his transformation into Booty. Losing his penis in front of the girl of his dreams is beyond humiliating.

His cosplay crush is absolutely horrified by Alan’s transformation. She is of course shocked to see the creepy boy that's been stalking her lose his pathetic manhood and watch it replaced by the sensual femminity of a curvaceous woman.

What shocks her more is that as Alan becomes bootylicious, Eva recognizes her. Eva muffles a strange cough as she looks on in horror as bootylicious emerges....

You see a part or her mind is all too familiar with bootylicious.

She gasps as she feels the all too familiar sensation radiate from inside her most intimate place. She whimpers....then begins to giggle as her voice drops in register....the seams on her clothes struggle at her expanding figure..

As her cock begins to strain at her delicate panties she can feel HIM begin to intelligent yet malevolent personality begins to consume her thoughts...her skin lightens....her shocked lips becoming a sneer....the giggle becoming.....a chuckle....becoming....a deep roar of laughter...

You see Eva has her own secret...inside her lurks bootylicious's nemesis....the evil devil that has to come out.....Professor Hyde!!

Hi everyone,

After enjoying (clumsily) messing about with my old CS2 photoshop on my last Jekyll&Hyde update, I'm thinking of dipping my toe into the digital art world.

I can't hand draw for shit so it'll have to be digital :-)

Could anyone suggest a good starting point for software? I've found a few links but have no idea where to begin!!!……

Thanks everyone,

  • Watching: Notifications for feedback cuz I'm a fav whore


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